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– launch and develop innovations. We help companies and startups develop digital products faster and cheaper. We study the behaviour of existing and potential customers, find insights, barriers and incentives for buying your product. We will test any of your most daring ideas at minimal cost..
Research of market parameters, competitors, comparison of functions, product features, prices, business models.
Conducting in-depth interviews with 10-16 respondents is the best way to find out how and why users actually act.
We create hypotheses together and help find the target audience.

Market Research
Qualitative Research
Our Services
We conduct surveys of the target audience according to the methodology. We formulate and test hypotheses, find new ideas for research. Surveys always reveal something unexpected in user behavior
Create a customer journey map (CJM). This tool allows to visualize and see all points of customer interaction with the product, find risk areas and discover insights
Quantitative Research
CJM & Field Research
Complex research for the Bank
2021, Russia
To study customer experience and build portraits of users that made certain transactions in the bank branches

Field research, In-depth interviews, Quantitative research, Market research

We drew the client's way from the appearing of the need to the service receiving. During the research, we studied:
motivation, values, selection criterias, barriers, triggers, experiences, service life cycle, interdependencies, customer needs.

Conducted 25 in-depth interviews, tested 40 hypotheses.
Created 6 CJM's including 37 steps each.
Created a detailed User Flow. Tested 40 hypotheses on field research.
Conducted a mass online survey among 5000 people from the target audience, tested 20 hypotheses and found 10 new ones.
Discovered over 30 insights.

Market analysis for the audio social networking project
2021, US, Europe, Asia, Russia
To conduct research for a startup that creates an audio social network, and based on the results:
- to clarify the business model of the product
- define the strategy for attracting and retaining users

In-depth market research in several regions of the world

Wide analysis of competitive products with conclusions about functionality and value proposition. As a result, trends and tendencies for Social + Audio niche products were detected. Specific virality mechanics for this niche were collected, the product value proposition was formulated, as well as monetization models were suggested. The team of analysts provided a comprehensive description of the strategy for developing and launching the new service.
Research to assess demand for financial products
2021, US, Russia
Evaluate the potential demand for new financial products in the market

In-depth interviews in 4 cities in Russia
In-depth interviews in USA

We performed 16 in-depth interviews and tested 22 hypotheses. We created target audience segments and portraits of users, identified insights, prepared conclusions and gave recommendations for further product development. We compiled a table of customer triggers and barriers to product usage;

Based on the results of the research, we developed the configuration of 2 financial products that did not exist on the market before, offered their content and conditions.

Research to improve customer experience
2022, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
To increase attractiveness of a specific financial service in the bank branches

In-depth interviews 

We built the customer's path (a service user) from the moment the need arises to the stage of its satisfaction. We created CJM as is and CJM to be.

We formed the target audience profiles and their pain and motivators, bank selection criteria, habits and specifics. Verified 5 hypotheses. Completed competitors analysis.

As a result we offered to the client the steps to improve the service in the bank branches and gave recommendations for marketing communications with clients.

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